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Topaz Logo

Maxon Logo

Midland Two-Way Radio
Maxon 5 Watt  16 Channel
Intrinsically Safe
Portable 2-Way Radio

Maxon SPI-140V SPI-140U 16 Channel 5 Watt UHF VHF Portable 2-Way Radios
Sorry-This Radio is No Longer Available


NOTE: SPI-140V and SPI-140U Radios  Include:
Radio Antenna Battery (MPI-1200) Belt Clip
IS Certification fee

Lowest Price Guarantee
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Accepted
***Up to 16 Channels Programmed FREE***

$ Qty
VHF 148-174 MHz
Maxon SPI-140V
5 Watt   16 Channels
12.5/25 KHz Ch Spacing
Includes: Antenna Battery (MPI-1200) Clip
IS Certification fee

$ Qty
UHF 440-470 MHz
Maxon SPI-140U
5 Watt   16 Channels
12.5/25 KHz Ch Spacing
Includes: Antenna Battery (MPI-1200) Clip
  IS Certification fee


Maxon's SPI-140V/SPI-140U Series Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios in Action at an industrial location

Maxon's SPI-140V / SPI-140U Intrinsically Safe portables will keep your factory safe and efficient.

Maxon Intrinsically Safe Certified
Maxon's SPI-140 Series radios offer a powerhouse of capability & options: Intrinsically Safe Certification, selectable 5 or 1 Watt output settings per channel, choice of 16 channel VHF and UHF models, multiple scan functions and MIL-STD toughness to name a few.


  • Inherent Toughness:
    The SPI-140 Series is Intrinsically Safe Certified for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D environments and is MIL-STD 810C, D & E tested and approved - allowing the radio to adapt to many tough work conditions.
  • UHF and VHF Applications:
    148-174 MHz VHF
    440-470 MHz UHF
  • PC Programmable software options:
    Program multiple scan modes (normal channel, priority channel, priority channel with look back and priority look back), programmable scan channel delete, CTCSS / DCS signaling, busy channel lockout and more...customize this communication partner to your jobsite needs.
  • Battery save capability:
    By placing the radio into "sleep" mode, battery life is extended and you gain productive communication hours.
  • Durable frame and cabinet materials:
    Manufactured with a die-cast aluminum frame and tough-tested polycarbonate cabinet, these radios are ready to work all day - no matter the environment.
  • Compact and secure:
    The SPI-140 is small and lightweight by design; a spring-loaded belt clip keeps the radio secure at your side.
  • Great audio performance:
    450 mW Output keeps you in contact, even in high noise environments.
  • Scan list editing:
    Increases your efficiency by allowing you to add or eliminate channels from the radio scan sequence.
  • Two programmable option buttons:
    Provide customized radio functions and operation.
  • Flash programming capability:
    Allows your radio to be upgraded with software and feature enhancements as they become available.
  • Complete Radio System:
    The SPI-140 Series radios come complete
    with antenna, belt clip, IS Certification fee and battery. Requires Charger.
  • Approved to MIL-STD810C/D/E:
    The SPI-140V and SPI-140U Comply to MIL-STD methods / procedures. See complete table listing near page bottom.
  • 1 or 5 Watt Power Output per Ch
  • 2-Pin accessory connector
  • Built-in Password protection
  • Embedded Messaging
  • Synthesized Frequency Tuning
  • Programmable Wide/Narrow Band
  • CTCSS / DCS Tone Signaling
  • Talk Around / Busy Channel Lockout
  • Look Back Channel / Time-out-Timer
  • Tri-color LED
  • FCC Certified & IC Approved
  • PC Programming via Software and Cable (optional)

Got a Question?

  • Maxon Portable Accessories:
    (Many more items listed below)

    Maxon SPI-140V SPI-140U portable Radio Gang-ChargerACC-406

    Saves space in crowded dispatch areas and ready rooms - click on pix for larger image

  • Maxon SPI-140V SPI-140U portable Radio Noise-Canceling Headset

    ACC-626 Headset

    Over-the-head style 24 dB noise-attenuating Headset with 3 dB noise canceling electret microphone - click on pix for larger image


 Optional Accessories - Batteries
Model # Description  (Click Model # to see IMAGE) Price

 MPI-1200  IS Certified 1200 mAh Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Bat
 Optional Accessories - Antennas
Model # Description  (Click Model # to see IMAGE) Price

 ACC-101VLB  VHF Antenna, 5-1/2" (150-162 MHz), stud-mount
 ACC-101VB  VHF Antenna, 5-1/2" (162-174 MHz), stud-mount
 ACC-104UW  UHF Antenna, 3-1/2" (440-470 MHz), stud-mount
 CA-2506U  VHF Antenna, UNCUT (135-175 MHz), stud-mount
 CA-5506B  UHF Antenna, 6" (450-470 MHz), stud-mount
 Optional Accessories - Chargers
Model # Description  (Click Model # to see IMAGE) Price

 QPA-1130  Dual slot / dual rate "smart" desktop charger
 ACC-470  Single Unit Desktop Rapid "Smart" Charger Base
 (requires charger cup - ACC-473 below)
 ACC-473  Charger Cup for ACC-470 base
 (requires ACC-470 Charger Base above)
 ACC-406  Vehicular dual slot / dual rate rapid charger
 (includes ACC-408)
 QPA-1135  Single unit desktop charger
 ACC-480  Charging base (Requires ACC-473 cup below)
 ACC-473  Charging cup for use in ACC-480 (above) 
 (Requires ACC-480 base to operate)
 ACC-408  Cigarette charger (for use with ACC-406)
 QPA-1411  Power supply 110VAC (for use with QPA-1130)
 QPA-1412  Power supply 220VAC (for use with QPA-1130)
 QPA-1413  Wall-type power supply 110VAC
 (for use with QPA-1135)   12 VDC 200 ma
 QPA-1414  Wall-type power supply 220VAC
 (for use with QPA-1135)   12 VDC 200 ma
 ACC-460  6-Station universal RAPID Gang-Charger
 (requires ACC-463 Charger Cups-see below)
 ACC-463  SPI-140V/U Charger Cups for ACC-460 (6 required)
 Optional Accessories - Microphones /Audio
Model # Description  (Click Model # to see IMAGE) Price

 QPA-1422  IS Certified Deluxe Speaker Mic w/angled connector
 QPA-1423  IS Certified 2-wire palm Microphone
 QPA-1424  IS Certified coil-cord Earphone (for use with QPA-1422)
 ACC-626  Over-the-head style 24 dB noise-attenuating Headset
 with 3 dB noise canceling electret microphone
 ACC-627  Behind-the-head style 24 dB noise-attenuating Headset
 with 3 dB noise canceling electret microphone 
 Optional Accessories - Cases
Model # Description  (Click Model # to see IMAGE) Price

 QPA-1491  Leather Case with swivel
 QPA-1495  Nylon Case with belt clip
 Optional Accessories - Programming / Service / Manuals
Model # Description Price

 SPA-300  PC Programming Software (DOS based)
 (includes 3-1/2" disk and instructions)  WARNING!
 QPA-4000  PC Programming cable  WARNING!
 NO LONGER AVAILABLE     (requires SPA-300) 
 950-020-0006  Cloning cable   WARNING
 680-100-0152  SPI-140V / SPI-140U Service manual
General Specifications
  Maxon VHF SPI-140V Maxon UHF SPI-140U
Frequency Range 148-174 MHz  V2 440-470 MHz  U2
FCC ID Number F3J130-140V2 F3J130-140U2
FCC Parts Parts 22, 74, 80, 90 Parts 22, 74, 90, 95
Channels 16
Channel Spacing 12.5 / 15 / 25 / 30 KHz
Channel Stepping

5.0 / 6.25 KHz

Channel Spread 26 MHz 30 MHz
Frequency Stability

5.0 ppm

Operating Temperature

-22 to +140 F (-30 to + 60 C)

Input Voltage

7.5 VDC Nominal

Battery life

>8 Hours @5W (90-5-5 duty cycle) (1200 mAh (NiCd))

Dimensions (HxWxD) (w/bat)

5-9/16" x 2-1/4" x 1-7/16" (141 x 57 x 37 mm)

Weight (w/bat & ant) 16.4 oz. (465 gm)

50 Ohms

Canada Certification #

153 195 280A

153 195 281A

ANSI/TIA/EIA-603 Receiver Specifications
  Maxon VHF SPI-140V Maxon UHF SPI-140U
Frequency Stability 5.0 ppm
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) 0.28 uV VHF 0.31 uV UHF
Selectivity 50 dB @ 12.5 KHz  /  60 dB @ 25 KHz
Intermodulation 65dB
Spurious Response


Audio Output 450 mW (Int.) @ 2 Ohms / 450 mW (Ext.) @ 2 Ohms  (Method @ < 10% THD)
ANSI/TIA/EIA-603 Transmitter Specifications
  Maxon VHF SPI-140V Maxon UHF SPI-140U
RF Power Output.

1 or 5 Watts  per channel

Frequency Stability 5.0 ppm
Modulation   11K0F3E / 16K0F3E
Spurious & Harmonics -60dBc
FM Hum & Noise

40 dB @12.5 KHz  / 40 dB @ 25 KHz

Audio Distortion <5% @ rated modulation
Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms

IS Certified Classifications*

Class I, Division I - A location which: 1) Ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors can exist under normal operation conditions; or 2) Ignitable concentrations of such gases or vapors may exist frequently because of repair or maintenance operations or because of leakage; or 3) The breakdown or faulty operation of equipment or processes might release ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors, and might also cause simultaneous failure of electric equipment.
Group C Environments - Atmospheres such as ethyl ether, ethylene or gases or vapors of equivalent hazard.
Group D Environments - Atmospheres such as acetone, ammonia, benzene, butane, cyclopropane, ethanol, gasoline, hexane, methanol, methane, natural gas, naptha, propane, or gases or vapors of equivalent hazard.

"Classification description obtained from 1996 National Electrical Code Section 500.5.

MIL-STD methods / procedures

Standard MIL 810C Methods/Procedures MIL 810D Methods/Procedures MIL 810E Methods/Procedures
Low Pressure
High Temperature
Low Temperature
Temperature Shock
Solar Radiation
Salt Fog
500.1/Procedure 1
501.1/Procedure 1
502.1/Procedure 1
503.1/Procedure 1
505.1/Procedure 1
506.1/Procedure 1
507.1/Procedure 2
509.1/Procedure 1
510.1/Procedure 1
514.2/Procedure 8
516.2/Procedure 1
500.2/Procedure 1
501.2/Procedure 1
502.2/Procedure 1
503.2/Procedure 1
505.2/Procedure 1
506.2/Procedure 1
507.2/Procedure 2
509.2/Procedure 1
510.2/Procedure 1
514.3/Procedure 1 Cat. 10
516.3/Procedure 1, 4
500.3/Procedure 1
501.3/Procedure 1
502.3/Procedure 1
503.3/Procedure 1
505.3/Procedure 1
506.3/Procedure 1
507.3/Procedure 2
509.3/Procedure 1
510.3/Procedure 1
514.4/Procedure 1 Cat. 10
516.4/Procedure 1, 4


Topaz logo covering Maxon and Legacy products
Topaz technology, today, tomorrow. The Maxon and Legacy brand products in this document portray our experience and dedication to the communications industry. With continued growth and new product offerings, we are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Your assurance of quality. We are very proud of our product quality and stand behind every product we sell with these three Quality Assurance Promises:
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 6 Month Replacement Program Quality
  • Parts Performance Guarantee


From manufacture, our radio products are certified to strict ISO 9002 quality standards by one or both of these internationally known agencies.

Note: Complies with NTIA Specifications
Note: Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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