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Maxon Radio Logo by Topaz
Maxon SR-125 series
SR-125V / SR-125U
SR-125DV / SR-125DU

Single-User Low Power
VHF&UHF Repeaters

Maxon SR-125 Series Single-User Low Power Repeater
Sorry-This Repeater is No Longer Available 

Includes: FREE Programming

Lowest Price Guarantee
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Accepted
***Programmed FREE***

$ Qty
UHF 440-470 MHz
Maxon SR-125DU
2 or 4 Watt   1 Channel
12.5/25 KHz Ch Spacing
Includes: Duplexer
**5 MHz minimum separation**

$ Qty
VHF 148-160 MHz
Maxon SR-125DV
2 or 4 Watt   1 Channel
12.5/25 KHz Ch Spacing
Includes: Duplexer
**5 MHz minimum separation**

$ Qty
UHF 440-470 MHz
Maxon SR-125U
2 or 5 Watt   1 Channels
12.5/25 KHz Ch Spacing

$ Qty
VHF 148-174 MHz
Maxon SR-125V
2 or 5 Watt   1 Channels
12.5/25 KHz Ch Spacing

Maxon NEW SR-170 Repeaters
Maxon SR-170 Series SR-170U SR-170V SR-170DU SR-170DV Synthesized 5 Watt Single User Repeaters

Got a Question?

Increased Efficiency
Maxon's economical SR-125 Series single user VHF and UHF repeaters deliver 2 or 5 Watt RF output power and wide or narrow channel operation. The SR-125V and SR-125U repeaters each include two built-in, fully programmable SD-125 RF link modules; the SR-125DV and SR-125DU each include a built-in 6-cavity duplexer and the SD-125 RF link modules. The SR-125 Series repeaters can effectively double the range of the portables in your system, making them ideal for use in places such as manufacturing plants, golf courses, parks, campgrounds and office buildings.


  • 2 or 5 Watt RF power:
    Perfect power for optimum communication range in and around buildings, constructions sites and special events. Note: Power output is 4 watts when using optional 6-cavity duplexer.
  • 1 Channel Single User/Group:
    This allows an unlimited number of portables or mobiles programmed to match these parameters the ability to share this repeater.
  • Models available with Duplexer:
    Models SR-125DV and SR-125DU come complete with a factory tuned 6-cavity duplexer for use in single antenna systems.
    **5 MHz minimum frequency separation**
  • 148-174 VHF SR-125V
    148-160 VHF SR-125DV w/duplexer

    450-480 UHF SR-125(D)U
  • Compact Design:
    Lightweight, wall-mountable cabinet weighs under 7 lbs., and is compact enough for desktop use (6" x 7.125" x 9.25")
  • CTCSS Tone Signaling:
    Pre-programmed with one of 38 standard CTCSS tones for quiet, private operation.
  • TOT System:
    Time-out-timer prevents permanent key-downs (settings from 0-15 minutes). This helps prevents "Stuck Mics" from transmitting embarrassing or needless communications.
  • 12.5/25 KHz Channel Spacing
  • Wideband Synthesized
  • PC Programming via Software and Cable (optional)

Sorry-This Repeater is No Longer Available 

Maxon SR-125 Series Low Power Single User Repeater Range Chart

Note: Actual range achieved depends on antenna system, antenna height, power setting and surrounding terrain and obstructions.

Build Your Own Repeater using Maxon's
Other Data Telemetry Radios:

SD-125EL Series  SD-170EL Series
SD-170EX Series  SD-270 Series 
TD-1500  TD-2400MD

 Optional Accessories - Duplexers
Model # Description Price

 675-010-0002  VHF Duplexer Mobile Type 148-160 MHz
  5 MHz separation, 70 dB isolation, 50 Watt input


 675-010-0003  UHF Duplexer Mobile Type 449-480 MHz
  5 MHz separation, 70 dB isolation, 50 Watt input


General Specifications      Maxon  - SR-125 Series
  VHF Band SR-125(D)V UHF Band SR-125(D)U
Frequency Range 148-174 MHz (148-160 MHz) 440-470 MHz
Channels 1
Channel Spacing 12.5 / 25 KHz 12.5 / 25  KHz
Channel Spread

26 MHz (12 MHz - D)

30 MHz

Time-out-timer Included
Antenna Impedance

50 Ohms

Duplexer Included with SR-125DV & SCR-40DU


TX Hang-on Yes
Automatic Squelch



6" x 7.125" x 9.25"


7 lbs  w/o Duplexer

Power Supply

110 VAC


Topaz logo covering Maxon and Legacy products
Topaz technology, today, tomorrow. The Maxon and Legacy brand products in this document portray our experience and dedication to the communications industry. With continued growth and new product offerings, we are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Your assurance of quality. We are very proud of our product quality and stand behind every product we sell with these three Quality Assurance Promises:
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 6 Month Replacement Program Quality
  • Parts Performance Guarantee


From manufacture, our radio products are certified to strict ISO 9002 quality standards by one or both of these internationally known agencies.

Note: Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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