Terms & Conditions

  Terms and Conditions: General Conditions

  1. The display or advertisement of any products or services in the www.rfwiz.com web site does not obligate Multec Communications / rfwiz.com to provide the product or service.

  2. By placing and having accepted by Multec Communications / rfwiz.com an electronic, phone, fax or Email order does not obligate Multec Communications to provide the products or services ordered. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to reject any order for products or services at its discretion.

  3. Any orders for product or services which are rejected by Multec Communications / rfwiz.com will have payments received or charged returned in full.

  4. Orders which require custom manufacture or are delayed due to a manufacturer process will require payment at the time the order is placed. (i.e.- duplexers, multiplexers, factory repeater tuning, factory modifications, Austin antennas, etc.)

  5. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to delay shipment or ship incomplete orders due to inventory fluctuation or circumstances beyond our control - i.e. Acts of God, shipping problems, cancellation or non-delivery of product by manufacturer, etc.

  6. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to edit, add or delete provisions of this Terms and Conditions page at any time without notice.

  7. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to determine an acceptable method of payment. Orders placed with payment types which are deemed unacceptable will be cancelled.

  8. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to charge in advance of shipment any high value order (in excess of $100.00) or any special order item(s) which may be delayed in inventory acquisition.

  9. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to require Proof of Licensing or Written Authorization before programming any transmit frequencies in 2-Way type radios.

  10. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to temporarily suspend operations for maintenance, inventory control or other activities. During this time no order processing will take place and the email system will be inactive.

  11. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to not provide service without cause.

  12. Any warranties written or implied by manufactures may require the return of the product to the manufacturer for warranty fulfillment.

  13. Any warranty return shipping charges incurred are customer's responsibility and will not be reimbursed.

  14. All radio programming items, service equipment and manuals are are non-returnable.

  15. Order shipments which are refused without prior consent or return authorization will be deemed returned without authorization. This will result in a 20% restocking fee and payment of all shipping and handling charges by the customer or organization which placed the order.

  16. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not liable for the improper or illegal use of any product or service which it has provided.

  17. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not liable for the improper installation, assembly, programming or misapplication of any merchandise which may cause undesirable or substandard performance.

  18. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not liable for any service fees or bank fees levied against a customer by his or her bank in the course of transactions, payments or refunds.

  19. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not liable for any lost messages or miscommunication via mail, email, phone, fax or other systems.

  20. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not liable for incorrectly ordered items, items ordered by mistake or items ordered in the wrong quantity. These items, if returned, are subject to the standard re-stocking fee and return procedures (see below).

  21. All prices subject to change without notice.

  22. All specifications subject to change without notice.

  23. All shipping weights subject to change without notice.

  24. All payment terms are at our discretion and are subject to change without notice.

  25. All Purchase Orders require a faxed hard copy on a standard municipal or company Purchase Order form. Required information includes PO Number, Organization Name and Logo, shipping address, billing address, phone/fax numbers and contact name, phone and email. Hand written or word processor generated Purchase Order forms will not be accepted. Purchase Orders are valid for established accounts only.

  26. Actual products may differ in appearance from pictured items due to manufacturer changes or photographic errors.

  27. A handling fee of $5.00 will be charged on all orders to cover packaging, packing materials and UPS non-standard charges, i.e. fuel surcharges, monthly service fees, address correction charge (due to customer errors entering shipping address on checkout form), residential delivery fees, etc. To get an idea of the many "additional charges" UPS can add to anyone's shipment please visit to following links: UPS Handling Charge & UPS Fuel Surcharge

  28. All orders are shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS). A physical address is required for UPS delivery and Post Office box addresses are not accepted. UPS will not ship to a Post Office box or other non-physically deliverable address. Shipping via non-UPS carriers is not available.

  29. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not responsible for items damaged during shipping/transport by UPS or any other carrier. Any missing parts, bent, crushed packaging or otherwise damaged items are fully insured and a damage claim must immediately be place with the carrying agent (usually UPS - call 1-800-PICKUPS). Once the claim is processed and approved a replacement will be shipped immediately. DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED ITEMS to Multec Communications / rfwiz.com. The damaged item(s) must be inspected by the carrier at the point of delivery. Keep all packing material, boxes, etc. for the inspection process by the carrier's agent. Unauthorized return of damaged items will not be credited. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not the insuring agent, the carrier is the insuring agent. By not following this procedure you will forfeit any replacement or credit and your damaged item(s) will be returned.

  30. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not responsible for changes in actual shipping charges due to unforeseen UPS charge schedule changes, UPS oversize fees or other UPS shipping charge adjustments.

  31. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not responsible for undeliverable, returned shipments. Any additional shipping/handling charges will be the customer's responsibility if package is to be re-shipped to the same or different address.

  32. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not responsible for delayed shipments or shipments not conforming to customer's requested shipping preferences. Same Day, Next Day, 2nd Day Air or 3 Day shipping is not guaranteed and may not be attainable due to technical problems or inventory delays.

  33. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not responsible for undeliverable, confiscated, delayed or destroyed international shipments (shipments outside continental U.S.A. and its territories). Shipments confiscated by local governments and not returned intact to Multec Communications / rfwiz.com will be billed as if delivered successfully to international customer. Any additional return shipping/handling charges will be the customer's responsibility. No refunds will be given on any shipping/handling/insurance charges on international shipments. No refunds will be given on destroyed, damaged or confiscated merchandise in international shipments.

  34. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com is not responsible for typographical or photographic errors, misspellings, shipping calculation errors, incorrectly priced products or services or any other errors which may incorrectly represent a product or service. Multec Communications / rfwiz.com reserves the right to not provide any product or service because of these errors.

  35. Multec Communication / rfwiz.com, it’s owners, officers, employees or agents shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any loss of business, profits, customers or customer goodwill, loss of communications, damage to existing communications systems or services, damage to existing equipment or structures, or for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind that result from the use or misuse of the products, services, information, late delivery of products or services, non-delivery or damaged delivery of products or services or any use whatsoever of the contents of the Multec Communications / rfwiz.com web site.

Order Cancellation- You can cancel all or part of your order any time before it ships. Special order items which are cancelled will be subject to a 20% restocking fee since the item was ordered into stock specifically at the customer's request. Please use the following procedure to assure your order is properly cancelled:

  • Email the order cancellation request at Email . Please include your name and order number. Our email system is very overloaded and your cancellation request can easily be missed. Be sure an verify per step 2.
  • You must call and speak to a service representative or fax to verify the order has been cancelled. Email is no longer reliable for vital messages. Call at 781 294-4992 or Fax at 781 527-5004 to verify your order has been cancelled. Our phone system does not accept or store voice mail messages.

Shipping Damage- If your order arrives and has been damaged during the shipping process, please follow the steps below to insure that you get a prompt replacement or credit for the damaged items:

  • Report the damage to the carrying agent immediately (usually UPS - call 1-800-PICKUPS). Keep the damaged item(s), all cartons, boxes and packing materials available in case the shipment has to be inspected by the carrier's agent or returned to their inspection department. DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED ITEMS to Multec Communications / rfwiz.com. We are not the insuring agent, the carrier is, and returning the damaged item(s) will void any claim you may have. The damaged item(s) and shipping materials must be inspected by the carrier at the point of delivery in order for the insurance claim to be processed.
  • Wait for the insurance claim to be approved by the carrier (usually several days). Once the claim is approved Multec Communications / rfwiz.com will immediately either credit or replace the damage item(s) at your request.

Returns- Your satisfaction is important to us therefore you may return any product within 10 days of the purchase/invoice date and we'll refund the full price, less freight and restocking charges. Return authorization is required and a RA# must be obtained by phone or email prior to returning item.

Return Conditions:

  • Merchandise which has been installed, mounted or assembled cannot be returned. Accessory items which have been installed or attached cannot be returned. These actions render the items used and non-returnable.
  • Returned merchandise must be in "new" or "sellable as new" condition. All packaging, accessories and manuals must be complete and undamaged. There can be no missing accessories, knobs, switches, parts or hardware. Items returned with missing parts or accessories will be returned to owner and no credit issued. Physical damage or wear of any type to any items (scratches, damaged paint, damaged or ripped manuals, damaged original packing and box, etc.) will cause an appropriate increase to the restocking charge to compensate for having to re-sell the equipment as distressed, blemished or damaged goods.
  • Merchandise which has been determined to be not operating properly or appears defective and does not meet the above conditions will be deemed a warranty repair and will be repaired or replace at our discretion. Please see WARRANTY REPAIR before returning.

Ship the return to:
Multec Communications / rfwiz.com
319 Centre Ave. #166
Rockland, MA 02370-2613 USA
RA# (receive via phone or email)

Please include a copy of your credit card slip or invoice and the RA# in the original packaging. Please write the return authorization number on the outside of the package. Do not send returns to factory or any other product dealer.

  • The Customer agrees to pay a 20% restocking fee on the equipment’s invoice value plus all return shipping/insurance charges (see below). Proof of purchase and RA# is required for all returned merchandise.
  • All return freight, handling, packing and insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer returning the item.
  • All return items must be packed in a suitable shipping container (separate cardboard box). Do not return items by putting a shipping label on the original manufacturer's box. A manufacturer's original box or container is not suitable for shipping. Please obtain a new shipping container or re-use the shipping container the item was originally shipped in. Any items not returned in a proper shipping container will be considered damaged goods and returned to owner with no credit given.
  • Programming items and service equipment are NON-RETURNABLE. This includes programming cables, adapters, interface boxes, software, manuals and related hardware
  • Merchandise modified at customers request cannot be returned. Any custom engineering, alignments, tuning, maxing, peaking, accessory installation, electronic, physical or mechanical alterations, modifications, specification changes or any other changes made to merchandise, item or equipment at customers request render that item NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Specials and Special Sale items cannot be returned. Special orders or customized equipment (factory modifications/accessories installed) cannot be returned. Any items with their "Warranty Void if Removed" stickers removed cannot be returned.